Photo by @_Smitty01. "All I Know is Hustle" sweatshirt by @5to9NY

My name is Iran also known as Ireeeeezy. Yup like the country. I was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in The Bronx. I own Le Suite Boutique ( a fashion truck now turned online clothing store)  and Endless Noise NYC (a jewelry line). I co-founded Uptown Girls NYC (a collaborative blog now turned podcast) with some awesome girls from who live and hangout in Washington Heights.  Yes, I have a lot on my plate, but I would not change it for anything in the world. I rather deal with the struggle of working for myself, than dealing with the 9-5. To each it's own, it's just not my style.

 I am sharing my journey and not trying to act like the path to reaching where I want to go is a perfect one. I don't want to discourage others... I want to inspire others and have them keep moving just off the strength of knowing that they are not alone, because I know what it's like building things and feeling alone. Through this blog I want to offer guidance on how to balance your life.

As an entrepreneur who has list of things I want to accomplish before I leave this earth, I want to make sure people know that the struggle is real BUT we are all strong enough to get past it. It's my way of making a change in the world, even if it's a tiny one. I want to encourage others to not be afraid to share their journey as it is, because someone out there needs your story for motivation, just like someone out there might be in need of mine.

Thank you in advance for following my journey,

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