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Please, Don't Touch His Hands.

Picture this. You are taking a walk in the neighborhood and you run into a friend with their friend. The friend, whom you just met, reaches for your five month's old hand. What do you do? Awkward situation or nah? I despise awkward situations. My heart would beat at an abnormal rate every time someone attempted to touch Riley's hand because I did not want to deal with the awkward situation and I wanted to use physical force against them at the same time.

I would then pull the baby away and wipe their hands with a baby wipe. For the longest I did not want "to hurt anyone's feelings." Then recently I've had enough of  of the aloofness. I do not understand how people think it is OK to touch the hands of babies with their dirty hands.

I've had mothers of multiple children laugh at me and other new moms and tell us that  those are "1st time mom problems." In all honesty, I would deep down feel upset. It was not only "1st time mom problems"…

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