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Miracle Morning Day 3

6am . Miracle morning day three.  When I found out I was pregnant i was told to put all of my dreams behind me. I wasn’t going to be able to have it all. First six months have been a struggle. Did you know it takes a woman to physically and mentally start recovering from birth six months? But American society wants us back to living our normal life at six weeks or three months. Then we wonder why the postpartum depression rate is high in America. They dont let us heal. So much is expected of us right away. When we can’t keep up, we feel like failures , we have these insane thoughts of regret entering our minds. We start shutting down and turn into women we don’t even know.  I fell into that trap. Though I’ve been lucky to stay with Riley for almost six months now I’ve felt like a failure and guilty for not being able to hustle as I have always, proving that the person was right. That I couldn’t have it all. This took a toll on me. I have been a different person the last six months. I be…

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